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Overland Cruisers

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Joined: 24 Apr 2009
Posts: 84
Location: Midlands

PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:22    Post subject: Overland Cruisers Reply with quote

Over the last couple of years Julian from Overland Cruisers has been preparing my truck, step by step as time and money has allowed. I have yet to meet somebody else with more knowledge and passion for Land Cruiser’s, Julian just loves them.
As some of you know, I have just returned from a trip to the Western Sahara during this trip the truck performed extremely well. So if you are looking for some work to be carried out on your truck, then get it over to Julian.
1997 HDJ80 VX - Sold
2007 VDJ78 GLX - with a few toys
2017 Honda Jazz - wife's car
2017 Toyota Fortuner - company truck
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:22    Post subject: Google Ads keep this community free to join!

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Joined: 29 Apr 2016
Posts: 4
Location: norfolk

PostPosted: Fri May 13, 2016 20:56    Post subject: overland cruisers Reply with quote

Glad you were pleased with your service. My experience could not be further from yours. Once he had my money I was ditched totally, not answering emails or phones, even though he could have had more business with me.
He may know his stuff but that's no good if customer service follow up is abysmal.

From a retired 65 year old female who knows nothing about land cruisers!!!!!!!!??????
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Dave-Mid Wales

Joined: 17 Dec 2014
Posts: 2
Location: Cambrian Mountains, Mid Wales

PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2016 12:52    Post subject: Re: overland cruisers Reply with quote

wenona362 wrote:
Glad you were pleased with your service. My experience could not be further from yours.....

Sadly, my experience was also unsatisfactory and I couldn't recommend Overland Cruisers, nor its quality of work, to ANYONE under ANY circumstances.

My experience was a repair job on our 90 series LC, not a case of overland prepping. Perhaps they are much better at simply swopping new parts for old.

Things started badly as OC was very slow to get the vehicle into the workshop, literally weeks after what JV had promised, with the vehicle sitting on his yard the whole time. Once it eventually got in the workshop, the problem was quickly diagnosed - a faulty transfer box - but an email and phonecall exchange then indicated that he basically had no real idea as to where to source replacement parts, citing more than once that they'd have to come from Australia at huge cost and delay. Then, having agreed with him that he could instead source and fit a used TB, he eventually got in touch saying that he'd found one on e bay(!) and asked if I could buy it as he didn't have a Paypal account. I assumed he'd dealt with the used parts supplying company before, so despite being very bemused by his request, I (reluctantly) agreed. The company involved were a bunch of cowboys who took my money but had no part to supply. A real saga then ensued and all the stress of dealing with this cowboy company fell on my shoulders as it obviously had nothing to do with JV directly. Sometime during this period JV admitted he'd never even heard of this company before, let alone ever dealt with them.

A few weeks later, with the part eventually delivered, OC got to work with fitting it. Before they did so, I asked them to make sure that it was okay. JV assured me that it was all good and the bearings were fine.

The bill then arrived, a 4 figure sum for basically just removing and refitting a transfer box. I queried it and was told that the cost was so high due to many additional hours spent on stripdown and detailed inspection of the old transfer box. Some additional and unrequested work had been charged for as well e.g. replacement of fresh, recently changed synthetic gearbox oil. I disputed whether this had been necessary but JV assured me that all had been essential under the circumstances. Having been without the 90 for many many weeks by this stage and desperately needing it back, I reluctantly agreed to pay up.

When we went to collect the vehicle at an agreed time, JV had apparently gone to have his hair cut. The 2 mechanics who were sat around doing nothing (one was playing a game on a computer and didn't even speak to us) initially refused to let us have the keys. After waiting for nearly an hour, with still no sign of JV, I kicked up a fuss and the keys were handed over.

On collection our Landcruiser was filthy inside due to contamination from grease and oil covered hands and overalls and it had also been for an offroad excursion as it was liberally plastered with mud.

I visited a car jet wash on the way home to clean off the mud, but the seats, carpets etc needed a professional valet.

11000 miles later, the replacement transfer box that was deemed to be a very good one by OC is extremely noisy, presumably due to badly worn bearings and chain. A local 4x4 specialist says it needs replacing but at the moment we cannot afford to do so.
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